Custom Label Size

How do I create my own custom label size?

This article describes how to customize the size of your label template in Google Docs.

Available from the Google Docs Add-on Only

Step 1

Click Extensions > Avery Label Merge > Custom Label Size.

This will open the Custom Label Size dialog box.

Step 2

Enter values for Label Width and Label Height.

You can change the units to Inches, Millimeters, etc from the Units in drop-down and page size to Letter, A4, etc from the Printer Page Size drop-down.

Further customization is possible by changing the Page Margins (i.e. the space between your labels and the edge of the page) and Spacing Between Labels.

Step 3

Click Save to apply changes.

Once a custom label size is defined, the label template box changes to the defined size.

The Label / Envelope field in the Avery Label Merge sidebar will also change to Custom Label.