Advanced Label Formatting

How can I have more control over the content of my labels?

This article describes how to design and format your labels in Google Docs by adding adding images and tables.

Available from the Google Docs Add-on Only

Handling Images

When inserting images into your label template, the Text Wrapping Style must be set to Inline with text.

To do this, simply click on your image and select In line from the image options pop-up.

Alternatively, click on your image and then click Image options > Text Wrapping > Inline with text.

WARNING: If any other Text Wrapping Style is selected, your image may not appear in your merged labels.

Organize Content in a Table

The design and formatting features of the Google Sheets add-on are limited, but the Google Docs add-on provides a lot of scope for customization so that you can design and format your labels as you wish (see screenshot below).

In the example below, the following formatting has been applied:

  • A table with two columns and one row has been inserted inside the template box.

  • The borders of the table have been colored white so as to be invisible (colored grey for illustrative purposes).

  • The paragraphs above and below the table have been formatted as size 1 text to maximise the usable space.

  • An in-line image has been inserted in the left-hand column of the table.

  • *|Merge fields|* have been inserted in the right-hand column of the table.

  • *|Name|* has been formatted as size 10 text, made bold and colored blue.

  • A horizontal line has been inserted.

  • The remaining *|merge fields|* have been formatted as size 8 text.