Filter & Track Rows

How do I filter and track rows for merging?

This article describes how to filter and track rows of data to be merged when you don't want to merge all rows of data at once or you only want to merge new rows added since your previous merge.

Step 1

Click Filter Rows.

This will create a new column in your sheet called Filter Rows to Merge.

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Step 2

In Google Sheets, in the Filter Rows to Merge column, type x (or any other text ) in the cells of the rows you wish to exclude from merging.

NOTE: Following the mail merge, the empty cells in the Filter Rows to Merge column are populated with the date/time the merge took place. To merge these rows again, you will need to clear/delete the date/time values.

Advanced Feature: Conditional Logic Formula to Exclude Rows from Mail Merge

Instead of simply typing x in the Filter Rows to Merge column to exclude rows, you can create a conditional logic formula in Google Sheets to determine which rows should be excluded. In the example below, rows for employees whose gender is equal to F are excluded from the merge.